We are Back with a “DoorBuster” Sale

We are all cleaned up and reopening with a week long sale while we work on getting our busted door replaced, So in essence it’s a Door Buster Sale! Almost everything in the shop will be 10% off.

For those who have missed our recent posts: A car ran into the shop Sunday around 4am while we were at NDK. It was a hit and run that destroyed our door. Luckily a licence plate was found in the debris and the police found the culprit. Its been a lot to clean up, and there has been some damaged merchandise and fixtures, but nothing was stolen. We are happy for all the love and support we’ve received during this traumatic time.

Literal “DoorBuster” at Rainy Day

A car ran into the shop while we were at NDK. It was a hit and run but we got the licence plate (literally LOL). We will be closed Tues. Sept 4th to finish cleanup, call insurance, etc. We hope to reopen on Wed. Sept. 5th with a “Door Buster” sale! Stay tuned for more info…